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Escalation on Live Fibernet

1. Introduction:

   Live Fibernet is a high-speed internet service provider. This document serves as a guide for understanding the escalation process for Live Fibernet issues and ensuring timely resolution.

2. Escalation Process:

   When encountering a problem with Live Fibernet, it is important to follow the escalation process to ensure efficient handling of the issue. The following steps outline the escalation process:

   a. Step 1: Initial Support

      Start by contacting the support team through our designated channels. This can include phone, email, or our online ticketing system. Our support team will assist you in troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

   b. Step 2: Technical Support Team

      If the initial support team is unable to resolve the issue, it will be escalated to the technical support team. They have specialized knowledge and expertise in handling complex Live Fibernet problems.

   c. Step 3: Supervisor or Team Lead

      If the technical support team is unable to resolve the issue, it will be escalated to a supervisor or team lead. They will assess the situation and provide guidance to resolve the problem.

   d. Step 4: Management or Senior Team

      In rare cases where the issue remains unresolved, it will be escalated to management or a senior team responsible for overseeing Live Fibernet operations. They will take necessary actions to ensure prompt resolution.

3. Escalation Levels:

   Our organization follows a hierarchical escalation structure to streamline the resolution process. The levels of escalation include:

   a. Level 1 Support: Management or senior team members responsible for overseeing Live Fibernet operations and ensuring that escalated issues are addressed promptly.

   b. Level 2 Support: Technical support team with advanced knowledge and expertise in resolving complex Live Fibernet issues.

   c. Level 3 Support: Frontline support staff available to assist customers with initial troubleshooting and issue resolution 

4. Escalation Criteria:

   Escalation is necessary when certain criteria are met. The following factors may trigger escalation:

   a. Severity Levels: Issues classified as high or critical severity, impacting a large number of customers or causing significant disruption to services.

   b. Unresolved Issues: Problems that remain unresolved within a defined timeframe despite multiple attempts at resolution.

   c. Customer Impact: Issues that have a severe impact on customer experience or hinder their ability to use Live Fibernet services.

5. Communication Channels:

   To ensure effective escalation, we provide the following communication channels:

   a. Phone Support: +91 98941 26263

   b. Email Support: [email protected]

   c. Online Ticketing System:

6. Tabular Column:

Contact Number
Email ID
ILL&Fibernet ConnectionLevel 1AdministratorMohamed Musthafa9150011155[email protected]
Level 2Senior Support EngineerDinesh Kumar9626654567[email protected]
Level 3Advanced Support EngineerKadhiravan9894126263[email protected]

7. Conclusion:

   Timely and effective escalation is crucial in resolving Live Fibernet issues and providing the best customer experience. By following the escalation process outlined in this document, we aim to address and resolve issues efficiently, minimizing downtime, and ensuring customer satisfaction.



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